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University of Oxford


fAIr LAC Observatory 

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) advocates building a shared understanding of AI, its possibilities, and its uses, as well as its risks and the potential actions to mitigate them.

Towards this end, the IDB, in cooperation with partners and strategic allies, is leading the fAIr LAC initiative to promote the responsible use of AI in order to improve the delivery of social services (mainly in the sectors of education, health, social protection, and labor markets, and for issues related to migration, gender and diversity).

Within the fAIr LAC initiative, an observatory was established to map initiatives applying AI for social good. The goal of the Observatory is to build a strong ecosystem where experiences and lessons are shared, to encourage an ethical and responsible use when implementing AI.

Given the synergies between the projects, we aim to collaborate and join the efforts towards the common goal of AI for social good.

The fAIr LAC observatory of initiatives is available via the link here.


AI for SDGs Canada

AI for SDGs Canada is leading initiatives to achieve the 2030 sustainable development goals with artificial intelligence. Conceived in 2018, AI for SDGs Canada comprises of cross-sector and multidisciplinary research expertise in areas such as technology, business, social sciences, and health.

The organization’s focus is two-fold. First, they serve as an international research hub for academics, practitioners, and organizations that wish to collaborate by leveraging AI and other emerging technologies to achieve the SDGs. Second, through the AI SDG Lab, they serve as an advisory for organizations that are seeking to ethically and inclusively design, embed, and implement AI solutions for SDGs projects. Consultation is grounded in empirical research findings, industry lessons learned, and inclusive action-based community participation.

In their efforts to advance the SDGs, part of their work is focused on creating a community of organizations that are using AI to solve global problems. AI for SDGs Canada envisions this community expanding within and outside of Canada for the purpose of sharing best practices.

More about AI for SDGs Canada is available via this link.